Support Me

For those of you who don’t know me or my story, my name is Alexis and I am a 30 year old sustainability professional who previously lived in my car for a year to combat obsessive compulsive disorder and pay off my private student loan debt.

Although my car living journey is over, I still have some debt left and haven’t been able to make payments above the minimum since renting an apartment. Despite working two jobs and pinching every penny, its just slow going with rent, and out of pocket doctor’s appointments and groceries, and gas and well, life. If you are so moved, click to donate!

And if you are short on money or wish to contribute another way, please consider the following;

  1. Post the Go Fund Me Link on your Facebook page or Twitter.
  2. Email and share the link with friends or family members.
  3. Follow my blog and share to raise my views and increase my following.
  4. Pray for me, my safety and my journey. No seriously, prayers appreciated!

Other than that- thanks for reading this! I took out the money and I fully intend on paying it back. It would just be nice to get some help so I can move on to the next stage of my life, which will be AWESOME!

Thanks Again,

P.S. Yes my site is a .com, but I decided not to put up adds because they are distracting and because I don’t support unconscious-click-consumption. Just another reason to support me!